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About the Space – BE Learning Centre

Join us every weekend at our Multi-Cultural Venue with workshops seating for over 100 persons. Featuring guest speakers, teachers, leaders and practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds, our Sunday Speakers and Workshops are curated with a focus on enriching all those in attendance to align with their peak potential and bridge any gaps they are feeling in their lives, gaining clarity about the Reality they would like to manifest. Through this series, we aspire to share tools for creative, conscious, confident, connected and joyous living for all demographics, including kids, youth, women and the elderly.

Sundays will usually conclude with a community gathering for multi-cultural expressions of sounds including world music, story telling, jam sessions and kirtans.

Attending a Special Event at BE?

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Interested in sharing your offerings as a Member Practitioner/Guest Speaker/Teacher at Bridge & Enrich?

If you are inspired to enrich the community with a workshop or class or talk that you think is aligned with the Bridge & Enrich mandate, please contact us with your idea. Please note that we are NOT a rental facility. Our practitioners are members of the Society taking collective responsibility to support the monthly operating costs of the Society.

Most of Monday–Friday is already booked as part of our WEEKLY SCHEDULES: For daily schedules of regular workshops and classes, please see our Weekly Schedule.
For more information about weekend offerings, including start and end times, please click the links on the Special Events Calendar.

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Date: Sunday, December 15th Time: 1:00pm–3:30pm ~With Lyle Povah~ By combining...