Nithyananda Gurukul Kids Program – Restart Date TBA


Restart Dates to be Announced

Day and Time: TBA

Class Schedule:

TBA – As a fun and healthy warm up, preceding the Gurukul class, we will have a Brain Yoga–Inspired Hip-Hop Class led by dance members from the OURO Collective including our beloved Cristina Bucci! – all are welcome to join or to begin the program with the Gurukul activities that follow

Veggie Saatvik Snacks We will have a vegetarian snack and beverage break before moving into our Gurukul program

Through the afternoon– Gurukul program will feature Vedic Chanting, Storytelling, Completions and more introducing guest artists on various occasions to share sacred arts including Kirtan, Bharat Natyam, etc


Cost: Free

To Attend

Please RSVP by emailing with the subject line "YES to BE Kids Gurukul"

What is the BE Nithyananda Gurukul Kids Program?

A traditional program that will stay true to the Vedic Tradition and the particular lineage and teachings of Nithyananda. Kids will be asked to wear white clothing, and there will be a large component of Vedic Sacred Arts including Puja chanting, caring for a deity, understanding the role of a Guru, introduction to Sanskrit, Kirtan, Quantum learning tools, Bharat Natyam, Brain Yoga and the Four Principles of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching.

Nithyananda Gurukul

How does genius occur? What is the difference between extraordinary intelligence and mediocre functioning brain?

We are introducing possibilities to parents interested in a weekly program that will be based on inpirations from the Gurukul School currently being run in South India, the Nityananda Gurukul.

Take a look at one of the programs called Inner Awakening for Kids run as a 21 day retreat based on this form of schooling:

Gurukul is a place where celebration begins with right words in the blossoming minds creating a gateway of possibilities. Creating an enlightened civilization with yogic body and vedic mind:

- Curriculum exploding into inner space

- Quantum Memory

- Holistic Intelligence

- Vedic Lifestyle

- Brain Yoga

- Physical movement learning

- Fulfilled Living

- High Self Esteem

- Multidimensional Talent

Creating Buddha + Bill Gates = Nithyanandas

Extensive studies on human cognition show that genius takes place when both the right and left sides of the brain are active and working together. This is a rare phenomenon. Children are born with both sides of the brain alert and open for gathering information. But standard education and social conditioning only nourishes the left brain, leaving the right brain to languish. By age 7, most children have lost the right-brain connection and have closed down those activities almost completely and they remain dormant inside; the seeds of potential genius.

Left brain controls logical, linear thinking. Right brain governs intuition and inspired creativity. enlightening Nithyananda based spiritual education, eNBSE, the whole brain learning method is an education system that supports holistic development in a child, thereby giving rise to a well-balanced

The ancient Vedic civilization of India offered a culture and lifestyle that facilitated whole-brain learning. Much of this wisdom remains available today. In Nithyananda Gurukul it has been brought back to life, and is being used to create the education system for the 21st century. Cutting-edge technology goes hand-in-hand with ancient cultural art forms to provide the best in class education for your children.

The curriculum includes standard academics, along with brain yoga for balanced neurological growth; Vedic mathematics, which foreshadowed the software revolution by thousands of years and teaches children to compute easily without the use of calculators; Emphasis on Ecological awareness and connection with the planet that sustains us; Awareness of beauty cultivated through creative performing and graphic arts.

When young children have an enriching environment conducive to learning early in life, they often have higher IQ (Cognitive Intelligence), EQ (Social-Emotional Intelligence) and SQ (Spiritual Intelligence) scores. If a similar kind of experience for the same period of time is provided when a child is 15 years old, the impact on the child will be significantly less. These early experiences are critical for the development of the child.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda says that ” All our upbringing is actually bringing our children down”. They are already born complete, total with pure innocence and intelligence. All they need is the right environment, right guidance from the higher energy to start expressing their extraordinary dimensions that the current social system holds them from.

Programs base on the Nithyananda Gurukul context are designed to awaken and express the extraordinary dimensions in your child through all areas of growth while retaining the essence of the true Vedic Learning System through the enlightened based learning that is currently practiced in the Nithyananda Gurukul.

The program will include the following core concepts:


Whole Brain Learning

What did Albert Einstein, Beethoven and Leonardo De Vinci have in common?

They all had extraordinary imagination and visual power tapped from their right brain and combined that with the logical thinking left brain. We also want the children to use both sides of the brain to be more successful in life. The Learning concepts taught during the program are understood by the child much more deeply, clearly and positively creating a life-long passion for learning.

Right Brain Stimulation

Right brain activities stimulate the right side of the brain which is usually closed after 6 or 7 years of age. When the child is born they have 100% right brain use and slowly the child adapts itself to the left brain world and eventually forgets to use the right brain, which is the biggest loss for mankind. The right brain is responsible for creativity, intuition, spontaneity, quantum memory, learning in a flash, and computer like calculations etc.

Brain Yoga

Brain Yoga activates the ability to balance the right and the left brain to help open up the sixth sense. The children are given activities to balance the right and left positions of the body simultaneously using distinctive postures that stimulate both sides. The brain wave moves from Beta to alpha increasing their alertness and attention. Children are also encouraged to learn a number of postures that bring out a new dimension in their appreciation of their bodies.

Quantum Memory

The brain of a toddler has already formed 1000 trillion connections by the end of their third year (twice as many as adults have). Their brains are twice as active as a college student and can absorb and organize new information much faster than an adult. Quantum memory is a constant downloading of information without interference of the mind. Reading skill is directly related to memory skill. When we learn something in complete awareness, usually when we are in shock or ecstasy, we remember it for ever. Likewise, reading without interference of the mind, that is reading at quantum speed, will lead to quantum memory without mind getting in between.

Confidence – High Self Esteem

One problem with most children including gifted and special children is that their confidence/self esteem is low, thereby lowering their real potential to excel. Through this program, even a child with low intelligence IQ with high self esteem can create miracles in the outer world. High stability, great personality and confidence provide children with the foundation to build a great future.

Vedic Culture

Stories of enlightened beings, theater club activities like dressing up and acting out their tradition, pottery making, Rangoli, sculpting etc. are part of learning the 5000 year old lifestyle. Sanskrit chanting has already been proven to stimulate and enhance brain capacity. It helps reduce the mind inner chatter and promotes inner silence, thereby increasing the child’s attention span which helps them to learn better and faster. The vibration/sound of the chanting heals the body and the mind moving the child towards the next dimension.

Music and Movements (Creative and Performing Arts)

Musical games often combine rhythmic movements with speech or singing. The brain cells that control these activities also regulate motor impulses so these activities develop children’s ability to control their movement. Research confirms that the way you interact with children in the early years and the encouragement and experience you provide them have a big impact on their emotional development, learning abilities, and ability to function in later life. Kirtan is the yoga of sound. By singing kirtan we are able to move our witnessing/attention from the body and our external environment to our emotional energy body. In kirtan we bring our attention inward where we experience the Life energy as it flows and sound bathes our body with clarity and consciousness.

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