Komala Ananda: Nithya Yoga Instructor

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Komala Ananda has kept fairly active the last 25 years, enjoying many different activities, such as aerobics & weight training, cycling, skiing, deep stretching, dance, yoga, hiking as well as lots of walking.

About her journey toward yoga instruction, she writes:

In the last 15- 20 years I began to realign my body and connect deeper with myself. Through the use of breathwork, meditation & yoga I experienced several deep energetic shifts. With incomplete understanding, I began to unravel what was held in my body and mind. Correcting imbalances, injuries and emotional stresses within my very being…… At times I was unsure and struggling with what was happening. A spiritual awakening opened my creative and artistic expression of self, which led to question everything in and around me.

In spring of 2009 I was lead to my guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Discovering vedic culture, wisdom and spiritual guidance during several extended trip to south India. More recently a year at Bengaluru Aadeenam, India during which time I completed a 200 hour Yoga Intensive & 21 day Inner Awakening Program while living and volunteering at the ashram afterwards. Authentic and direct teachings from the source itself. Nithyananda Yoga is a powerful tool to lead you into a “Life of Bliss”.

What is Nithya Yoga?




It is the Yoga of Eternity. Nithya Yoga is not just a body-building workout. It is muscle-memory and bio-memory workout. All your patterns of thinking, responses to life and emotions that you accumulate and make you continue to accumulate are “muscle-memory”. Memories that stay in you and make you continuously respond again and again in the same pattern unconsciously are called “bio-memory”. If you function on just bio-memory you are living a life of bondage. Your body and mind are not separate entities, mind creates body ! Through the power of completion, intention & visualization, breath & movement, Nithya Yoga consciously takes you through the process of rewriting your very DNA!

The practice of Nithya Yoga not only encompasses traditional Hatha Yoga techniques but also Saptanga yoga, developed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda and based on authentic vedic scriptures. Saptanga yoga emphasizes “intranalyzing” or manana, looking inwards to uncover the inadequate cognitions and unconscious thought patterns, feelings and responses from the past that one still carries about oneself, life and others. These thought patterns and emotions cause powerlessness, conflicts and feelings of being stuck in life. They are incompletions. With awareness and completion they are discarded, allowing us to build the right muscle and bio-memory.

Nithya Yoga is a profound transformation tool to create a yogic body and a Vedic mind. The practice shows you a new way of thinking and living life. A yogic body is one that is well built, healthy, flexible, graceful and joyful. It is a body awakened to it’s peak capacity. A Vedic mind is one that practices liberated thinking, analyzing, finding solutions and expresses itself from the space of ultimate possibilities.

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